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Thanksgiving 2018

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Beauty in the chaos..

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It’s no secret. Conversation around the Thanksgiving table can be hilariously gladiatorial. Why? Well, it’s always been a political boxing match. After all, the pilgrims and American Indians were using it as a diplomatic engagement. So for all of you who are forced to listen to family’s pent up, half-baked political angst, today we offer an alternative. Show up armed with an icebreaker. It’s cliche, but I’ll be damned if won’t need it.

The Question:

How much time do you spend outside?

Spoiler: the sobering answer is: “not enough.” Most of us are homebodies. Watch jaws drop when you tell them, the Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology reports that the ordinary person spends 90% of their life indoors.

Head first down that rabbit hole… How many of your core memories were made indoors?

Maybe like, A dinner, but if you find that your best memory is of a time when you were particularly cozy with a roof over your head, then welcome to our site! We can help change that!

It starts with carving out time for you, and your tribe. This probably won’t surprise you, but you’re not doing that enough. In fact, in news that is 2nd place in “The Worst” category only behind the Bubonic Plague, the average American takes less vacation than a medieval peasant. We grind and we grind and don’t take time to sharpen the axe. We really do forget to stop and smell the roses.

Occasionally we’ll come up for air to be “thankful.” But even then, being “thankful” turns into something we SAY rather than something we DO. Being “thankful” is a bumper sticker.

We’re supposed to be exploring and climbing and hiking, and even just breathing fresh air because….we can.

Check out this article about how a human staying indoors is not meant to be. Biologically, we haven’t been indoor kids long enough for our bodies and minds to recognize it as something that should be incorporated into our unconscious evolutionary considerations.

Or this one, about that incredible feeling of “smallness” you get when faced with the enormity of nature. It’s about the feeling of thankfulness. KNOWING that you’re just a small part of something. The quantifiable benefits of being “awestruck.” The most recent time I felt this was when I saw Mount Rainier. It’s not even THAT tall. It just towers ominously over a friggin city. Big in the “way you think of gods as big.”

Finally, if you need some motivation to fix yourself, tomorrow read National Geographic’s post on Yellowstone, literally disappearing before our very eyes. Don’t be the clown who waits until it’s gone to realize what they had.

Get out there.

And lastly, it wouldn’t be a Dispatch without a soundtrack. When you hop in the car to drive your family to one of these places. When you take them adventuring to SHOW your thanks rather than just SAY your thanks…turn up the volume. Quick! What’s your favorite road trip song from your childhood? Mine is ANYTHING by Dire Straits. Fortunately, their lead singer Mark Knopfler is still making good music. It’s folksy enough to speak to kids, but timeless enough that you’d never know it was released yesterday. That guitar though.

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