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Chimney Trail

Survive in the Wild Waypoint Kit

Survive in the Wild Waypoint Kit

Thermal Blanket by Swiss Safe

Why Choose Swiss Safe Emergency Blankets?
Swiss Safe Products has designed the most advanced emergency blanket on the market - meticulously designed to for outdoor enthusiast, the marathon runner or emergency first aid responders.
It all starts with the material, metalized polyethylene, that reflects 90% of your body heat while offering waterproof, windproof protection from rain, snow, moisture, cold, and heat. Great for hiking, backpacking, climbing, camping, traveling outdoors or in the wilderness, and biking.

Knot cards by Reference Ready

Camping and Backpacking Knots by ReferenceReady is the knot tying reference guide of choice for campers, day hikers, thru-hikers, backpackers, and wilderness survivalists seeking a thorough, waterproof, portable, and extraordinarily durable alternative to the fragile smart phone or heavy paper knot book. It contains knots specifically selected for outdoors scenarios, and was designed to be clear and extremely easy-to-follow.
Approximately credit card-sized, this portable knot book contains simple diagrams demonstrating how to tie the 22 most useful rope knots, along with descriptions and usage tips, and includes a mini carabiner for clipping to your backpack. These knot cards make a perfect inexpensive gift for the outdoorsperson in your life.
All of the following knots are covered: Clove Hitch, Half Hitch, Two Half Hitches, Slippery Half Hitch, Trucker’s Hitch, Rolling Hitch, Timber Hitch, Taut-line Hitch, Water Knot, Constrictor Knot, Square Knot, Bowline (Rope End), Bowline on a Bight, Overhand, Double Overhand, Double Fisherman’s, Figure 8, Figure 8 Bend, Figure 8 Loop, Sheepshank, Sheet Bend, and Lasso (Honda Knot).

Kids flashlight w/ batteries

These small and lightweight flashlights are perfect for your camping trips! With 30 lumens and 5 meter light distance, you'll be able to light the path in front of you with ease. Powered by three included AAA batteries you'll have up to 3 hours of lighting, under normal use this should last you for several camping trips!