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Chimney Trail

Feast in Nature Waypoint Kit


Inside This kit you'll find everything you need to get cookin' outdoors!


Feast in Nature Waypoint Kit

S’mores Kit by American Inheritance

To Bring you the very best in fire side dining, we have partnered with American Inheritance.

No bonfire and stuck at home? Well, we've combined our homemade marshmallows with a variety of great cookies and crackers as well as a handful of our best selling microbars, and a food safe wood wick candle to create a fantastic way to spend some quality time with your family or friends. Each kit contains enough ingredients to make 4 large s'mores in a variety of flavors!!

Eco Mini Bar Fire Starter

No Fire? No Problem! with the The Eco Mini Bar you'll have a roaring bon fire in no time. Whether it's in the wilderness, for barbecues, fire places, bonfires, campfires, winter-snow fires, survival fires & fire pits Eco Fire Bars have you covered with their 100% pure plant-based, chemical free, and dependable Mini Bar. All of their products are handmade with pure palm wax and local recycled hardwood. The palm wax is responsibly harvested and distributed by a member of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil, RSPO.

Easy Instructions: Prepare wood as you normally would allowing space for air. Use the Eco Fire Bar for kindling instead of newspaper or twigs.

Telescopic Roasting Stick

Tired of Using sticks? These reusable Telescopic Roasting Stick allow you to roast that perfect marshmallow while also following the rules of leave not trace and NOT having to use those gross sticks that have been there for who knows how long!