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Chimney Trail

Build a Time Capsule Waypoint Kit

In this Waypoint Kit, you’ll find everything you need to Travel to the Future!

We will walk you through how to put together a meaningful time capsule you and your kids can revisit in the years to come. Kids grow, mentally and physically at different rates, It’s important to encourage our kids to measure their successes against the past version of themselves. When you dig up your capsule, your child will feel stronger for having me goals or because of the lessons learned when falling short.

Build a Time Capsule Waypoint Kit

Entrenching Tool by Entlebucher Hard Goods

This trifold Entrenching tool made by Entlebucher Hard Goods will be ready to go whenever you need. It at full size it’s large and robust, with a tempered steel head and carbon steel body. When you’re done using it, this stovel folds up neatly and take up about the same space as a stack of paper plates. Whether you need to move sand, dirt or snow this shovel will get it done.

32oz Wide Mouth Tritan Water Bottle By Nalgene

The beloved bottle that put Nalgene on the map, our classic 32oz Wide Mouth water bottle. Expertly crafted threads for leak-proof hydration and a wide mouth that’s perfect for ice cubes or fruit infusions. Proven in the elements and ready to withstand even the most rugged conditions. A pioneer, for pioneers.

All-Weather Notebook (3x)

With this all-weather note book your notes will stand the test of time. This notebook can be written on in any conditions. The paper repels water, sweat, grease and mud all while being easy to write on. Unlike laminated paper, it can be written on with pencil or pen.
(3 included in your kit)