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How Membership Works

Membership FAQ

A Chimney Trail membership gives you access to our vetted network of family travel services and gets you 10-40% off of incredible retailer goods. And whenever a new member joins, we give a membership to a military service member. Join today — family time is too precious to waste another minute.

Members save in two ways: they get incredible discount pricing on all of our adventure ready products, up to 40% off retail. Members also gain access to adventures with our proven travel affiliates.

Our mission is to build strong, happy families through outdoor adventure by providing parents with the right tools, training, confidence, and inspiration. We give back with our one-to-one model: for every membership purchased, we give one to a military service member.

A Chimney Trail membership costs $40 per year. For just one-third the cost of a Netflix subscription, an annual Chimney Trail subscription gets you access to our vetted network of incredible travel services and discounts on equipment. And remember that zero screen time = 100% family time! Your membership will be auto-renewed unless you choose to cancel at any time for a full refund.

You can cancel anytime for a full refund. Cancel by logging into your account or by contacting our team at