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How Membership Works

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Membership FAQ

A Chimney Trail membership gets you a Waypoint Kit at the start of each season. In the box is gear and inspiration to start leaving your kids a legacy of adventure TODAY. Also, you gain access to our members only store where you will save up to 40% on top-rated outdoor gear and apparel brands. Finally, you will get access to our carefully vetted network of family travel services.

And lastly, when you become a member, we send a Waypoint Kit to moms and dads serving in our armed forces who are deployed far from home — family time is too precious to waste another minute.

With 4 Waypoint Kits a year, you'll receive at least $800 in extra discounts each year on gear!

Sign up as an annual member, and save an extra $18 on your membership.

Our mission is to build strong, happy families through outdoor adventure by providing parents with the right tools, training, confidence, and inspiration. We give back with our one-to-one model: for every membership purchased, we give a Waypoint Kit to a mom or dad serving in our armed forces, deployed far from home.

A Chimney Trail membership costs just $8.99 a month. Save even more with an annual membership of just $89. For the cost of a couple cups of coffee your Chimney Trail subscription will give back to the community and get you access to our seasonal Waypoint Kits, members only discounts on premium outdoor gear, and access to our vetted network of incredible travel services. And remember that zero screen time = 100% family time! Your membership will be auto-renewed unless you choose to cancel at any time.

You can cancel anytime. Send us an email at