• Family Bonds

    Build a strong, confident, happy family with “unplugged”, distraction- free family time.
  • Outdoors

    The seeds of lifelong resilience are planted as a family spending time outdoors. Forge connections and experience new things.
  • Confidence

    Gain the confidence to embark on any family adventure. Enjoy safe, clinically-vetted activites and wilderness adventures.



The deliberate cultivation of resilience in our children is vitally important RIGHT NOW! There’s not a moment to lose.

Parents can build resilience in their children through the process of planning, discussing, executing, and revisting the memory of a shared adventure.

When a child learns to plan, discuss, execute, and revisit the memory of an adventure, they are strengthening a foundation of self-reliance and resilience. This process reorients a child’s mind to consider obstacles as challenges to be overcome rather than circumstances over which they have no control.

Following two years of responding to and recovering from the worst viral pandemic in living memory, there has never been a more appropriate time to focus on these fundamental, resilience-building principles.

The stuff of a child’s strength, courage, and grit are found in cold mountain air, salty sea water, and the warm embrace of their grown-up’s hug.

  • $180 Annual Subscription

    $180 Annual Subscription

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  • Be a Leader

    Be a Leader

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  • Create Community

    Create Community

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