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Posts by Nick Ralston

Read This 12.14.2018

This week’s theme is Mountains because Tuesday, December 11 was International Mountain Day. Conrad Anker, THE mountaineer of our generation, reported, “A fifth of the the world’s population lives in the mountains and depends on the water and resources from these inspiring landforms. For a few of us, mountains are a spiritual home for humanity.…

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Read This 11/30/2018

Pictured above: Me looking at my inbox this past week.   Feels like everyone’s been telling you what to do for the last week, right? Buy this! Wait, don’t buy things! Buy this but not from them! No no no, buy it on THIS day because on that day we’re closed! Opt outside! But don’t…

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Read This: 11/14/2018

What we’re reading (the things other people wrote) tells you just as much about us as our own words. For that reason, this first edition of “Read This” is a bit of a first date. Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but how do I convey timeless and intellectual but enough pop…

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