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To build strong, happy families and enable parents to access the outdoors with their kids by providing the tools, training, confidence, and inspiration.


After they’re born, it will all seem limitless. The time and the possibilities... but the clock's ticking, dude. You had 2 million minutes. HAD 2 million minutes to give them everything they need. The inspiration, the lessons, and the tools they need to live life with a happy heart. To leave, and start their own unscripted adventure.

But you and I both know it...they will grow up in a world with distractions. SO. MANY. DISTRACTIONS.

With Chimney Trail, you’ll have the tools, support, and inspiration you need to overcome those distractions.

We know how to help because we've got a lot of first-hand experience in making the most of precious minutes with our families. We're a veteran-owned company. Our military service has taken us all over the world and, necessarily, away from family. In fact, this whole project was initially designed to help service members returning from combat to reconnect with their families following long periods of absence and stress. Our team is made up of warship captains, Marines, search and rescue pilots, writers, tech nerds and outdoorsmen. But more than any of that, we're parents. And we know that of all of our missions, raising children is THE most important. It's the most important for us and, deep down, you know it's the most important for you.

We all know that to do it right, quality time spent with our family must be jealously guarded and maximized.


How many articles about smartphones have you forwarded to your spouse in the last 10 days? You're distracted and your kids are addicted, right? Guess you should throw your phone in the trash and move to 1985. Come on. There's a better way. We can live in this day and overcome these forces rather than hiding from something inevitable. You can make the CHOICE to live and laugh and adventure with your children. It's right there in front of you and all it takes is commitment.

At Chimney Trail, we’ve made this easy. Well, no. We've made it straightforward. If it was easy, you'd have done it already. This is a mission and this is a challenge. But if you WANT this, for you and your kids, then we're here to guide you.

With our help, you’ll harness the power of technology to engage in activities and go on adventures that build strong, happy families.

We've done our homework to give you a service that actually works. Not phony guru-ism, but a clinically reviewed platform that will improve your life in foundational ways. We’ve worked with childhood development professionals of every kind. Psychologists, teachers, nurses, nannies, coaches, travel guides, and many more. We’ve leveraged their know-how --along with the know-how of parents just like you-- to create a platform that connects you and your family with technology, nature, and most importantly, with each other.


We're an outdoor company because to adventure in wilderness spaces, you need skill. You can't fake it. You and your family will learn new things, and be proud while exploring parts of the Earth that were off-limits beforehand. When starting a campfire, snorkeling the coast of Maui, or anything in between, your time with Chimney Trail will give you the skills you need to lead your family's adventure. We’re creating a series of FREE enrichment activities called WAYPOINTS, and a subscription-based network of expert family travel guides called CONSTELLATION that will foster teamwork, togetherness, and give you and your family the confidence to step off on any of life’s adventures.

This is your most important mission. And you get to DECIDE.

When your children leave, and memories of you turn into values of theirs, what are they going to remember?

Are they going to remember distractions? Or are they going to remember a CREATOR, an ADVENTURER, and a HERO?

You HAD two million minutes. Give ‘em something worth remembering.

Matthew Brown

Garrett Santos

Nick Ralston

Tom Kulisz
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