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  • Family Bonds

    We are a community who is actively building resilient and emotionally durable kids by helping parents to curate outdoor adventure for their kids.

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  • Outdoors

    The seeds of lifelong resilience are planted as a family spending time outdoors. Forge connections and experience new things with Chimney Trail.
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  • Confidence

    We give you the confidence to embark on any family adventure. Check out our safe, clinically-vetted activities.
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  • $49 per Kit

    $49 per Kit

    Premium outdoor gear valued at more
    than $85 included in each Waypoint Kit.
  • Clear Guidance

    Clear Guidance

    Step-by-step instructions on how build resilience in your child through outdoor adventure. No experience required.
  • Guaranteed Family Time

    Guaranteed Family Time

    Curated for all age groups. Scale difficulty to suit existing skill set.
    Lots of FUN, “unplugged” family time.

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Waypoint Kits

Receive a kit in the mail at the start of each new season with your next "Waypoint" activity and premium outdoor gear to get you started.